Marty Nothstein: Why Student Athletes Need To Get Scholarships

It’s no secret that student-athletes need scholarships to play sports in college. The question is, how do student-athletes like you get them? In this post, Olympic medalist and cycling legend Marty Nothstein will explain why scholarships are important for student-athletes today.

Student-Athlete Scholarships Can Help Pay For Your School

A scholarship is a form of financial aid that allows student-athletes to attend college without having to pay the full cost of their education. Just like in academic records, scholarships can also be awarded based on your athletic performance in various sports and competitions.

Scholarships Can Help Student-Athletes Gain Tools For Life After College

When you’re a student-athlete, scholarships can help you gain skills and experience that will help you get a job. Scholarships are one of the best ways for student-athletes to get their foot in the door with future employers.

If they know that a certain company is willing to invest in student-athletes as an employee, it makes them more likely to hire that person over someone else who doesn’t have that same connection. This is especially true if there are other candidates with similar qualifications but less impressive resumes or references from former mentors or coaches at their alma mater(s).

Scholarships Show That People Believe In You And Your Sporting Abilities

Marty Nothstein When you receive a scholarship for student-athletes, it shows that people believe in you and your athletic abilities. This is important because it gives you confidence as a student and an athlete. When someone believes in your potential as a successful sports leader, you’re more likely to succeed at it.

If a person doesn’t believe they can do something in sports, then they probably won’t try very hard or put forth their best effort when given the academic and financial opportunity to do so. But if someone does believe they can achieve something great with enough academic and athletic work and effort, then there’s no stopping them from getting the student-athlete scholarship they deserve.