Reclaiming the Ancient Art of Raatijaga


Have you ever heard of Raatijaga? It’s a powerful concept which has been used for hundreds of years by yogis and religious practitioners to help discover our inner prospective. Raatijaga is practicing getting conscious in your every day day-to-day lives and finding out how to draw on our own exclusive power. Let us discover this historic exercise and discover how it will also help us develop spiritually and be more linked to our own selves.

What is Raatijaga?

Raatijaga can be a Sanskrit word which equals “the evening watchman”. In the simplest develop, it’s about becoming conscious of your actions and selections in each minute – in the mundane activities like brushing your pearly whites or getting the rubbish, to even bigger lifestyle selections like deciding on a job pathway or where to live. It instructs us that each and every motion we take matters, no matter how little it may look.

The aim of Raatijaga is to permit us to start seeing ourself over a greater levels to ensure that we are able to make far more sensitive options in daily life. We learn to be present in each moment, rather than dwelling automatically or permitting our inner thoughts travel us. This enhanced awareness allows us to become a little more personal-informed and much better outfitted to take care of challenging circumstances.

Just How Can We Combine Raatijaga into Our Way Of Life?

One of the ways we can easily combine Raatijaga into our lives is as simple as meditation regularly – preferably initial thing each morning before starting our time. Taking time out on your own at the beginning of the day will help you established an intention during the day forward, and also give you some all-important “me time” before bouncing into the everyday schedule. In addition, it allows us some place for reflection in order that we could check in with ourselves periodically during the day and be sure we have been still aligned with the initial intention from earlier that morning hours.

We can likewise use Raatijaga when coming up with choices – small or big – by requesting our own selves inquiries like “how will this decision have an impact on me in six months/a year/five-years from now?” Using a little extra time and energy to think about all possible results before spending might help ensure that whatever decision you will be making is certainly one you won’t feel sorry about down the line.


By including Raatijaga into our lives, we are able to be more conscious, mindful, and intentional with the ideas and activities – enabling us to unlock our interior possible and find increased peace and happiness within ourselves. Whether or not through meditating or decision-creating, taking time out of each day yourself ultimately brings about better lucidity and relationship with who you are in your core. So take the time today (and each and every time!) yourself – you are worthy of it!