What Are The Services Offered By IronFX For Forex Trading

If you are wondering about the services offered by IronFX, then wonder no more! Today we have brought you this article with all the services offered by IronFX, including its MetaTrader 4 platform!
What Are The Services Offered By IronFX For Forex Trading
The services or products offered by IronFX are as follows:-
1. Forex
Investors and traders are given an opportunity to trade over eighty currencies and currency pairs through IronFX’s MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Investors and traders offer multiple different account types. Each account type deals with different spreads. This provides the investor the liberty to choose an account of their choice with their desired spreads.
2. Metals
Through IronFX, investors and traders can not only invest in foreign currencies but can trade CFDs on various metals too. Some of the most prominent metals are gold, silver and platinum. Such metal trades enable investors to monitor their loss and profits on the platform.
3. Commodities
IronFX offers a leading Online trading platform with which investors and traders can trade in various energy commodities. These commodities can be traded in the form of CFDs on their all-in-one platform.
4. Futures
IronFX provides their clients and investors the ability to trade futures on their trading platform. Future trading through IronFX’s trading platform can be done for the following:-
● Currency pairs
● Commodities
● Stock indices
● U.S treasury futures and much more.

Share trading is also one of the essential services offered by the experts of IronFX. Investors and traders can trade CFDs on shares using IronFX’s MetaTrader platform. The shares of companies in which investors and traders can trade are Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and many more.

6. Indices
You can access a wide range of global markets and hedge your portfolio by trading indices through CFDs. IronFX offers a wealth of indices which you can trade with competitive trading conditions.
In The Light Of This Information
IronFX is a top-tier broker that can be used for trading foreign currency and currency pairs and other commodities, like futures, shares, metals, and many more. Trade with them today and explore the best aspects of the forex market.